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Our Stations have a large variety of exclusive, selected, worldwide gathered music collection of 'Brain Picked' Dance, R'n'B, House, Trance, Electronic, Drum & Bass, Soul, Latin, Jazz, Chill & Pop Music,
- PLus Songs of Dance & Pop Music from the 70's and 80's decade On 70s - 80s Station
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[ Please note: BestOfDance.FM Channels Are Private & Non Public For Restricted Personal Use Only ! ]

About Music Content Of :
DANCE, HOUSE, "70's & 80's" And TRANCE Music Stations

:: HOUSE :: Listen / Visit Station Listen To House
  • A world of Deep House, Soulful House, Progressive House, Tech House, Chill House.
  • House Music from beginning in the Mid 1980's to today.
  • Our selected tracks will bring you the Rhythm, Feelings and the Beats of this Genre.

:: 70's & 80's :: Listen / Visit Station Listen To 70s - 80s
  • A broad range of 70's & 80's music era including some 60's tracks.
  • The 80's music is partly influenced by famous french pirate Radio called
  • "Radio Drops". If you have been a fan of: Enjoy a jump to the past !

:: DANCE :: Listen / Visit Station Listen To Dance
  • Dance, R'n'B, House, Electronic, Drum & Bass, Soul, Latin, Jazz, Chill & Pop Music from 1990 to Current Year,
  • From 1990 to Current Year, including Songs from the 70's and 80's decade,
  • Which perfectly fit into our Dance Channel style. This is the Station with most musical variety.

:: TRANCE :: Listen / Visit Station Liste To Trance
  • Enjoy melodic Trance Music from 1990 to Current Year.
  • We are proud to have the original Trance from birth to today.
  • No commercial 'Techno Trance' crap as usual today !

About History & Content Of Our Stations

About :: Dance ::


First operation started in 2007.This channel has the most variety of music genres to generate fun in music listening. The music in this channel was grown up in several decades and mainly driven by some exceptional German DJs like 'Tillmann Uhrmacher' with his shows on FM "Radio RPR" called 'RPR Maximal' and 'Bernie Bernthaler' on "Stadtradio Stuttgart 107,7" (City Radio FM station) with his Shows 'HitHouse Radio' and the great Station "Evosonic Radio" with different Djs, and former 'Megaradio'. Those Radio Stations and Djs are all great legends in the music scene and the influence of their music passion is part of BestOfDance.FM :: Dance . This Music is especially found in 90s Music here. Nevertheless we have songs from Japanese, Russian, Thai artists and more ... Additionally other great Songs and Artists from current year and decades are present. Now everything brought to Friends and Music Lovers with registered login. We are still in progress to gather and find new music so the database of songs is still growing. Short Summary: Listen to a broad range of exclusive and selected 'Brain Picked' Dance, R'n'B, Soulful House, Deep House, Electronic, Drum & Bass, Latin, Soul, Jazz, Ambient, Chill & Pop Music from 1990 to Current Year including some 'BackTrack' Songs of Dance & Pop Music from the 70's and 80's. We are confident - you would enjoy it if: Allowed To Listen To ... :-) Even our music mixture is making this channel so unique and interesting.

About :: House ::


First operation started in December 2016 as a result that a huge amount of House Music was available in the database but could not be used in Dance Channel as the music did not fit in there. So all that unsused music stuff was put into our new House Channel. Now fine selected Soulful House, Deep House, Progressive House, Tech House and other House styles are present in this channel from mid of 1980's to today. Enjoy a visit in this channel. We can state: There is a very popular historical phrase: "Not Everyone Understands House Music ...", But there is one difference: We guys from BOD.FM :: House :: and our listeners fully understand it ..!

About :: Trance ::


The oldest Channel of BoD.FM. First operation started in 2006 and was initially the birth of all music operations as of today. The channel has fine selected melodic, real Trance Music, from "Trance Birth" beginning in 1990 to current year, - from all around the World - to N'Joy. Influenced by former music style of one of the largest internet radio stations in 2009 - a lot of music was overtaken into this channel. No commercial Trance crap as usual on other Radio stations can be heared Here ... ! Listen and Relax ... Where Ever You Are !

About :: 70s & 80s ::


First operation started in July 2016. Now selected 70s and 80s Music, mainly no mainstream tracks but favorite Club and Disco Songs found a Home in this channel ! A lot of 80s titles have been played at famous pirate radio station "Radio Drops" from France in the late 80s. Enjoy to listen here to most of the tracks played in the "Drops" era ! Open your ears for the past.

Frequently Asked Questions Section



Q: Mozilla Firefox Versions 3x and 4x causing website to be "scaled up" and looking incorrect or misplaced ?

A: Firefox in later versions 3x and 4x are scaling up the BOD.FM website and creating an ugly view of the page with irregular large letters and empty spaces spotted around the whole website. This seems to be an effect depending on the screen resolution of the user used in his actual PC configuration.BUT: Should Be no matter with actual Website Design and actual Browser version.

Solution: Try scaling down the website manually by using + and - scaling buttons until player, pictures and letters fit into the page as usual. We did not detect up to now this effect on other latest browser versions.


Q: Using Internet Explorer and other browsers as browser I noticed a "flicker" in of album covers and other parts of BOD.FM pages while viewing. Is this a normal condition ?

A: Please note that we use an auto refresh service for some of the contents in our pages like playing cover and recently played songs table. Depending on your PC performance, Antivirus software and the browser used you may see the "refresh" cycle. as a flicker. We highly recommend using Mozilla Firefox in any version. We didn't face any claim for that refresh effect with Firefox.


Q: How can I listen to BoD.FM music ?

A: You have to ask for permission from BOD.FM guys i.e. ask for Username & Password. Only selected people have access to BOD.FM as it is a private site. You must meet specific criteria to get access.


Q: When is BOD.FM in operation / active ?

A: BOD.FM has some specific times. Once you have access you can look into the program schedule for operation times or specific events. There is NO 24/7 Service available !


Q: BOD.FM looks like a Webradio Station. Why is it not offical and for public use ?

A: Because BOD.FM has not yet a specific license for public broadcasting. It is intended to get a proper license somewhere in the future.


Q: Can I listen with official, freely available Apps to BOD.FM Channels on mobile devices ?

A: No, this would be an illegal solution for distribution of copyrighted material. Nevertheless once you have login access you may use our players on your mobile device


Q: What was the intention to create a private website for music listening ? What is the story behind ?

A: Initial intention was to have separate different music genres and to make them available everywhere (for a specific group of people) if needed, requested or for listening reasons. So the early technical (non public) trial solutions began in 2003 with free streaming tools from Microsoft, in 2006 with private "Apache" home servers and Shoutcast streaming solutions but those were all restricted to single, spreaded performance and home internet upload connection capabilities and spotted web adresses. So finally a helpful software was found in 2008, bought and installed on different devices. Additionally these devices are placed in different locations spotted around the world with different Genres or same Genres and operators. So in 2013 it was decided to buy the free domain "BestofDance.FM" and voila .... So all activities (and Players, Infos, Archives etc. are now concentrated and covered and under one (this) domain). Based on the facts descibed before we do have the capability to stream from anywhere, - with any device -, from around the world. Additionally we are sharing the streams of each channel which gives us a big operationel advantage. For example: the same Genre Music may be streamed from Country A, B or C ... in different times.


Q: What Genres does BOD.FM play ?

A: For the time being it is:

1) "Dance" mainly covered with Music from 90s, 2000 to actual year: Dance, Soulful House, Deep House, House, Electronic, Drum & Bass, R&B, some Latin, Chill, Lounge and Jazz. Some 70's and 80's songs have been added in 2015 as they perfectly fit into this channel.

2) "Trance" with Melodic Trance and some House tracks from 90s to current year.

3) "Oldies" Channel is active with some 1965 to 1969 tracks and mainly 1970 to 1989 Music: Pop, early House, Acid, Funk, Soul and all that stuff played in this era: Just typical songs.

4) "House" Channel focussed on Soulful House, Deep House, Tech House, Progressive House and other similar styles.


Q: I can see some track details and Album covers on public main page under "Dance :: Last played" and similar "Trance :: Last Played" ? Is this legal ?

A: Yes, that's an informational service and legal. Once you have permission you will see that each song has a cover which is diplayed when played and a "recently played table". You can see the actual song data in the preview on the start page.


Q: What about the Audio streaming quality and format ?

A: 1) Streaming Format is since 2019 in mp3 quality - available as 128kb, 192kb and 320kb stream. You can listen with embedded BOD.FM Player or listen with external Player (External Player Link available inside login BOD.FM).

A: 2) You can connect your PC listening device to your audio equipment at home and you will be surprised about the sound quality received.

A: 3) All Audio content of BOD.FM is prepared to have specific audio conditions to reduce distortion for maximum listening performance. Nevertheless some songs do have some "overkilling" audio level peaks. Those where present in original files and cannot be eliminated.

A: 4) We have activated new audio settings into our streams which had resulted in mulitiple, very positive feedback from listeners about the new streaming audio performance in place.


Q: Where does BOD.FM Audio content come from and what is the original quality ?

A: 1) Content comes from different sources: CD, Vinyl, original mp3's, There's analog content which was converted into mp3 for streaming. We do not have CDs on air. Additionally we had luck to get content from a previous Webradio Station (which was closed). We are still in a review progress of this content to integrate the songs in our database and to meet the songs data criteria for a future offical Webradio Station. This review is still an ongoing progress and not yet finished and songs are uploaded step by step into our database.

A: 2) Additionally BOD.FM is on distribution lists of Record Labels for new songs and artists. So we are able to present you new stuff. And please note that BOD.FM Shows / Mixes have been made public from Record Labels and Artists for public use ! This makes us very proud !

A: 3) All BOD.FM content ready to be played / streamed is stored in mp3 format of 128kb to 320kb. Please note that some content was converted in the 90s into first mp3 format. Additionally a lot of tracks contain original scratches or noise from Vinyl !


Q: I have permission to login into BOD.FM. Do you have buying links for the songs played ?

A: Yes, for sure. Click on the album cover and you will be transfered to a buying source. But please note: Some songs still cannot or could not be bought at time of adding buying sources, this may have happen a few years ago and we do not regularly check the buying options. Additionally some songs are free to download legally, so check it out.


Q: I noticed that some songs, - released at Beatport for example in 2012 - , are noted to be relaesed in other years in the playing songs menue of BOD.FM. Why ?

A: Simple answer: The year dated as released in BOD.FM menue is the original year this track originally was released. The date for example at Beatport does only point to any other release ! So BOD.FM is correct to date the official release date whether digital, on CD or Vinyl. It makes sense.


Q: Can I upload songs to the database of BestOfDance.FM ? I am from a Record Label or private person ?

A: No. Please send us an email with your request for upload. We will contact you for further details. As an option please send us a link where we can prelisten to any proposed song. We will then check if it meets BOD.FM criteria.


Q: How does BOD.FM select his music ?

A: To achieve a great acceptance for our music only specific songs - which meet the criteria of BOD.FM - will be taken into the song archive for playing purposes. If songs do not meet these criteria then they will be rejected. Please note: We are not offering those stupid "... We are playing the Best Hits of xyxyxyxyxx ... " resulting in eventually playing the same annoying "Hits" again and again and again ... Most "Mainstream " hits are not present at BOD.FM but there are few song exceptions which meet our criteria.


Q: How does BOD.FM generate its playlist rotation ?

A: Most amount of songs is weighted as "neutral", a few are weighted higher, so there is no major repetition of the same song with exception of a song request or "hand-made" playlist which will influence the automated rotation playlist.


Last updated 2020/07/01

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