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Our Stations have a large variety of exclusive, selected, worldwide gathered music collection of 'Brain Picked' Dance, R'n'B, House, Trance, Electronic, Drum & Bass, Soul, Latin, Jazz, Chill & Pop Music,
- PLus Songs of Dance & Pop Music from the 70's and 80's decade On 70s - 80s Station
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About Music Content Of :
DANCE, HOUSE, "70's & 80's" And TRANCE Music Stations

:: HOUSE :: Listen / Visit Station Listen To House
  • A world of Deep House, Soulful House, Progressive House, Tech House, Chill House.
  • House Music from beginning in the Mid 1980's to today.
  • Our selected tracks will bring you the Rhythm, Feelings and the Beats of this Genre.

:: 70's & 80's :: Listen / Visit Station Listen To 70s - 80s
  • A broad range of 70's & 80's music era including some 60's tracks.
  • The 80's music is partly influenced by famous french pirate Radio called
  • "Radio Drops". If you have been a fan of: Enjoy a jump to the past !

:: DANCE :: Listen / Visit Station Listen To Dance
  • Dance, R'n'B, House, Electronic, Drum & Bass, Soul, Latin, Jazz, Chill & Pop Music from 1990 to Current Year,
  • From 1990 to Current Year, including Songs from the 70's and 80's decade,
  • Which perfectly fit into our Dance Channel style. This is the Station with most musical variety.

:: TRANCE :: Listen / Visit Station Liste To Trance
  • Enjoy melodic Trance Music from 1990 to Current Year.
  • We are proud to have the original Trance from birth to today.
  • No commercial 'Techno Trance' crap as usual today !

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[ Please note: BestOfDance.FM Channels Are Private & Non Public For Restricted Personal Use ! ]


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