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-  03.09.2022 You Can Disable AdBlock Addon in Your Browser
We have noticed that some adblock addons are incorrectly causing errors on our website. We've never had ads here that needed to be blocked. This will also be the case in the future. Therefore we ask you to deactivate your Adblock Addon. Thanks for your understanding.
-  01.09.2022 Listening To Our Stations
Please Note: Some Browsers Do Not Support our "Non https" Streams. Please Use Firefox To Listen To Our Streams. Firefox Is Capable To Perform Playing "NON https" Streams ...
=> If Our Streams Are Online And You Do Not Hear Anything:
Then Click - to be able to listen in your local PC with your own private Player - in embedded website player - on icons from Windows Media Player, Winamp (VLC), Quicktime or Real Player => as in below displayed, marked BOD.FM Player. Thank You & Enjoy !

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